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6 Mobile Marketing Trends for 2015

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A recent research by Google shows that mobile devices are fast overtaking desktop devices in terms of the dollars spent on digital marketing in the US.
In 2016, the figure is expected to hit 40 billion dollars. Learn the leading trends in mobile marketing in 2015 and reposition yourself for the impending surge.
1.    Video ads

Forget the traditional text and pictures. Video adverts are now the biggest thing. While the former is still effective, the latter is more engaging and captivating. Moving pictures are will convert more passive visitors to become active clients.
2.    Interactive adverts

Interactive adverts encourage viewers to comment or give views about your service or product. The feedback helps you in understanding the end-user experience.
This approach is especially effective for software and app developers. ‘Content is king’ these days sounds like a cliché in mobile marketing, but it is undeniably true.
3.    Monitor behavioral data

Behavioral data refers to the mannerisms that viewers express after looking at your ad. If, for instance a user spends lengthy time on a certain ad, the indication is that he is captivated by the service or product.
It is your take advantage of this attention. If your interactive app or page registers little or no activity, then you know its time to change your approaches.
4.    Use of native ads
Native ads are those that talk about a certain phenomena related to your service. Any active visitor will be interested in reading or watching them because they will obtain valuable information.
Therefore, do not just include them for the sake of it. Instead, have an interest in solving your client’s needs. For example, if you deal in facial products, the native ads in your page or site should discuss the dangers to which most people expose their skins today. Examples include smoking and exposure to direct sunlight.
5.    Importance of tracking success

Just as you would track success (or lack of it) in desktop advertising, track the performance of your company’s mobile marketing campaign. Failure to do so is like channeling resources to ineffective strategies.
6.    Exploit traffic from social media
A research shows that out of the most active Facebook users, more than 60% of them log in to their accounts daily. At the end of 2014, an average 890 million active users accessed Facebook daily
This tells you that you must make the most use of end-user traffic from social media when thinking about advertising on mobile devices. You can either take promotions or engage in paid advertising to make 2015 your year of mobile ad breakthrough.

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