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How to Create a Winning Affiliate Marketing Strategy

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Affiliate marketing is a rapidly evolving environment. Affiliates are experiencing more stringent legislation, increased competition and an onslaught on thin affiliate content. It is therefore important to understand what steps need to be taken in order to have a winning affiliate marketing strategy.

1. Don’t overreach

When entering the affiliate market, many marketers tend to spread themselves too thin. It’s better to focus your marketing strategy on a single niche than try to control too many niches too early on in the game.

2. Create competitive content

Affiliates are able to be flexible and act fast while established brands spend a significant amount of time agreeing upon their content strategy. This can put affiliates at a competitive advantage.

3. Focus on adding value to the consumer

Build trust with the consumer. Google is becoming more and more inclined to favoring established brands – it is therefore important for affiliates to make an effort to establish themselves as strong brands.

4. Place emphasis on recurring affiliate revenue

As an affiliate marketer, there is no guarantee that your strategy will remain effective for a sustained period of time. It is therefore important to focus on diversification and recurring affiliate revenue. If you receive a once-off payout, you are not protected against changes in your strategy.

5. Focus on multiple traffic sources

Stay in charge of your audience – do not rely on one traffic source.

6. Be ready for mobile marketing

Directing traffic to a site that is mobile friendly will give you a competitive advantage. Affiliates can benefit from targeting popular trends that are linked to mobile usage.

7. Focus on breakout and seasonal trends

It is important to place focus on different trends in the market. Where seasonal trends tend to recur, breakout trends are harder to anticipate. Follow the forecasts of specialists in your industry.

8. Focus on products that significantly increase your income

Affiliates make more money as a result of higher income sales. Products should be emphasized that add value to a site’s viewers and that can also increase the site’s income.

9. Target topics, not keywords

Google is encouraging the SEO community to move away from targeting keywords.  It is important to rather target topics.

10. Use a variety of content layouts

It is important not to apply the same strategy to every niche. Ultimately, affiliate marketing strategies will need to be innovative and competitive to allow for success in the ever-changing markets.

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