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How to Optimize Your Website the Right Way In 2015

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Nowadays, anyone can create a blog or website and hire professional writers to develop and grow it through content. However, several people have not managed to get their sites to rank well on search engine results pages. This is because they are only focused on generating new content forgetting the SEO aspect of running their website.

Here is the latest SEO checklist that you need in order to optimize your site for the search engines:

1. Make Use of Google Webmaster Tools

This tool is handy when you want to create a website that is friendly to search engines and users. It gives you full insights into what web pages have been indexed on your website, the links that are pointing to it, the most popular keywords and any broken links that may need fixing.

2. Install Google Analytics

You can use this tool to measure your website traffic, user demographics, and most significantly, what they are most interested in.

3. Submit your site to other search engines to be indexed

Just because you do not use search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Ask does not mean that your potential clients don’t so submit your website to them as well.

4. Create a semantic kernel

A semantic kernel is a list of all the keywords that visitors are searching on the Internet in your website’s area of interest. You can use Google Keyword Planner to look for keywords your prospective clients are using to search the Internet and develop content that addresses their needs.

5. Create web pages for your website, brand or company on social media that your prospective customers and visitors use.

The most popular social networks are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Flickr so focus on those.

6. Create a Google Profile

Sharing links from your site on Google Plus helps your site rank highon search engine results pages.

7. Ensure that your website URL is user and search engine friendly

Your website URL should be easy to memorize and must contain your relevant keyword(s).

8. Optimize your site on Google Page Speed Insights

This tool can help you test and enhance the performance of your site.

9. Use CopyScape

You can use CopyScape to check your content before publishing it to avoid duplicate content.

10. Craft your XML Sitemap and Robots.txt file for search engines

ARobots.txt file helps tell Google which pages to index and which not to. A sitemap helps Google easily crawl, and index your site.

11. Make your website responsive

Nowadays, many people are surfing the internet using portable digital devices such as cell phones and tablets. So make your website responsive to enhance user experience. If your website is not responsive, forget about ranking high in search engine results pages.

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