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How to Succeed in Google+ Marketing

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A report by DMR claims that as of 2013, the average number of active users on Google+ per month was 300 million.

In the report, the number of unique mobile users is said to be 20 million, as of May 2015, and Google+ reaches 38% of the total “online” population in the U.S.
These statistics are despite a couple of marketers thinking that Google+ is a “wasteland”. The truth is Google+ is still a viable option when it comes to marketing on social media.

Below are tips to help you make the most out of the 300+ million users:

1. Be Online and Prove Your Presence
The first step to maximize Google+ marketing is by being on Google+, and not because Google had you create a Google+ account as you set up your Gmail address. Being online involves commenting on other people’s posts. It involves joining communities and engaging with them. The aim is to set your name apart and be recognized in your industry.

2. Make Use of the “Circles” Feature
The “Circles” feature helps you organize your audience into respective groups. This comes in handy especially when you want to email a specific group. You might have some relevant information for your marketing peers, but you don’t want that to reach potential customers to whom it may be irrelevant.

3. Share Content and Be the First to Comment
Sharing is not just about letting other people know what you have been reading. Take the extra step of commenting on the content. At the very least, this gives people a reason to click on that link. It shows them that you have actually read it and you are convinced that it’s important for them.

4. Create Quality Content – With Great Headlines
Great content matters on Google+ too. But remember, there is a reason why people will want to read your post – the headline. The same report by DMR claims that for maximum engagement, a Google+ headline should contain no more than 60 characters.

Final Word
To succeed on Google+, just as with any other platform, you really need to first understand how it works. You have to know your audience and what resonates with them. Focus on engagement and ensure the content you post is not only authentic but also valuable.

Then make sure you share content that really matters to your audience and include visuals like images, infographics, videos and statistical charts. And never forget Social Media 101 – use a relevant profile picture. This should be in line with how you want people to perceive you. Also, manage your time properly.

You don’t want to spend the whole day on Google+.

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