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How to Use Twitter Cards to Market Your Business on Twitter

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A question first, what is your business doing on Twitter? Obviously it is not just for fun because business means money. The real reason is to get leads which consequently lead to sales. With that settled, it is now time to explore Twitter cards, the new tweeting trend that is raging in business circles.

Demystifying Twitter Cards
Twitter Lead generation cards enable people to express interest in your business without having to fill the ever ubiquitous but irritating forms or leaving the social platform. They enable you to add that extra value to your 140 words in form of meaningful content, calls to action, rich media or anything else you have in mind.
The beauty of it is that they are linked to a web page where the content is stored, and when any of your followers tweet’s this page’s link, your card is automatically included alongside. The immediate impact of this ingenious marketing tool is the fact that tweets with accompanying cards are conspicuous.

This means they get more follows, retweets, favorites and ultimately more clicks. Simply put, the opportunities are infinitesimal. Indeed, Brendan Zhang, the Twitter exec, who led the launch campaign was on point by stating that this is an easy map to drive viewers to your website via a call-to-action.
Twitter Card Options

There are myriad alternatives depending on what you want to achieve. Take a look.

Summary cards:

Provide a summary of your page, its title, call-to-action, thumbnail, image and Twitter profile credit.


Best to showcase products or brand images including title, thumbnail image, description and Twitter profile credit.


For driving traffic to your page and the fact that it is not truncated in users’ streams makes it unique.


Just like a photo card but with up to four images on display.

App Card:

Best web link to an app with a title, ratings, pricing, app icon, description and obviously a link to the App Store.

Lead Generation:

Used to get people to sign up for services and is ideal for online marketers.


Can provide audio and video player for a clip without leaving the platform. Cool, isn’t it?

Product Card:

Best for embedding details about your products within a tweet. Comes with a title, product details, thumbnail image and Twitter profile credit.

Getting it Right with Twitter Cards  
The opportunities are limitless and all this without your followers ever having to leave Twitter. To create a snapshot of your business on such a card, you need to do it from your account. From the Twitter Ads dashboard, navigate to Creatives menu, select Twitter cards and Voila! You are on your way to entrepreneurial success.
Do you want to publicize a sale, drive traffic to your blog or just show off your wares? Whatever you have in mind, just make it compelling and succinct. The rest as they say will be your enterprise’s history tomorrow.

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