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Non-Mobile Friendly Websites are disappearing from Search Results

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Chances are, you’ve already heard the warnings that if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re going to suffer in the rankings. Whilst we’ve always known that in terms of customer usability you’re shooting yourself in the foot, what we haven’t had is any concrete SEO numbers.

Until now…

The Moovweb Study
Moovweb recently published a study on mobile friendliness and its effect on SEO. Here are the conclusions of the study:
•    Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm kicked in on April 21st.
•    83% of top search results are coming from mobile-friendly websites.
•    77% of mobile SERP results were mobile-friendly.

These numbers are startling, and we can further break them down to better understand them better.

Impact by Industry
The study found that there are noticeable differences when it comes to the impact by industry. Retail, insurance, and healthcare were the websites most affected by the mobile-friendly algorithm.
But every industry has shown a change, to some extent.

What’s no surprise is these three industries also happen to be the most lucrative when it comes to ecommerce. And even industries that haven’t shown as much change, such as transport with a mere 40% of top search results being mobile-friendly, are only a representative of the beginning.

It’s going to gradually change over time in favor of mobile-friendly websites.

The fears of potential Mobilegeddon have been confirmed by these changes. Okay, we haven’t seen websites without responsive design disappear from the rankings, but they have been overtaken by their mobile-friendly counterparts.

We haven’t seen the sudden changes brought on by Google Panda and Google Penguin replicated here, but there’s no doubt this is something of a slow burner.

So What Can You Do?
We don’t need to say it, but we’re going to anyway. If you haven’t invested in responsive web design yet, it’s time to make that investment. Most modern WordPress themes, for example, already come with responsive functionality.

You’re missing out if you haven’t come to terms with these mobile-friendly changes yet. Moreover, customers will come to expect a mobile-friendly website. If you’re unable to provide this, you’re going to lose out to your competitors.
And if your competitors have yet to invest in responsive design, this is your chance to gain a cutting edge.

Mobile-friendly websites are no longer optional. They’re something you don’t have a choice over. As time goes on, expect Google to turn the screw and further penalize websites that lack responsive design.

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