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Online Marketing Tips 101

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After you have had this beautiful, fully functional website created, you may start to wonder, “Where are the customers?” Many people come to this same crossroad, after spending time, money, resources, and a whole lot of effort, your investment seems to be stalled. Misconceptions of simply putting out a great website, and waiting for the customers to come running to buy out all your products and or services, is just not the reality of today’s market.

Reality Bites

The reality is this, the internet is saturated with start-ups, established businesses, and everything in-between. So, the competition is fierce, and the market is global. You have to think about your business in terms of a brick and mortar store. You wouldn’t simply open your door, site back, and wait for customers to come running in, to pick up your products. You actually have to market and entice, by giving them a reason to come into your store, and purchase your products. But, first, they have to know that your store exist for them to visit. This is why marketing is essential to any successful business.

Where do I begin?

It goes without saying that you should have a great, user-friendly and fully functional site. In addition to this, it is imperative that the site meets the requirements of search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. which have many rules and regulations, when followed, will ensure a better ranking within each of them.
Some important components include:

Site Coding

How a site is coded, make a huge difference in how it performs and is ranked within search results. It should be coded in such a way that allows search engines to quickly collect the relevant information about your site. It should be free of coding errors and redundant tags.


Schemas (Structured Data), should be properly utilized throughout the site, to ensure that search engine bots know what each section of your site is about.

Responsive Design

We are in the age of the smart phone and devices. A majority of website traffic these days, are from people searching and visiting sites on their mobile devices. As such, your site needs to be able to conform to any screen size that might visit it. This is why having a responsive designed website is paramount to today’s customers. A responsive design will allow your site to be accessible and user friendly to any and all devices that visit.

Website Images

All website images should be optimized, to reduce download time, and have the correct corresponding information about the image. The information within the image should be relevant to the subject of that page.

A Cautionary Tale

There are many more rules and regulations concerning what is truly a fully functional and optimized site. What is important to remember is that, you need to make sure that whoever develops your site, is up to date on today’s marketing genre. There are many people and company that mislead you into thinking that they know what they’re doing. And many times they are simply good at the graphical part of a website, but lack the marketing expertise, that is need to ensure the ROI (Return on Investment) of your site. They will take advantage of your lack of knowledge in this area, and leave you with a site lacking customers.

When you pick a company to develop your website, you want to make sure, they are knowledgeable of the challenges and requires that go into making a fully functional, user-friendly and search engine friendly site.

Google offers a useful guide called “The core foundations of a delightful web experience are…” This guide is useful and will provide you with a better understanding of what goes into making a search-engine friendly website.

We Aren’t Finished Just Yet, Content is still King!

So now that we have a beautiful, fully functional, search engine complaint site, are we ready to launch? No, because the content you use will determine how successful the site will rank, in search engines. This is why, content is still king.

Since you most likely will have the site developed by someone, and they will take care of the core functionality of the site. Content is where we suggest you really get a good understanding of, and how to use it wisely. Knowing how to use such things as keywords, title, Meta descriptions, etc. and how they all work together in allowing better placement and ranking of your site, is paramount to your site being successful.

A Final Note
Making sure all of the above components are properly done, you will not only have a site that is beautiful, user-friendly, functional, and search engine complaint, but you site will perform, the way you intended it to. Your RIO will be a welcomed reward for all your hard work and investment.

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