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Progressive Web Apps – PWAs and why You Need them

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The online market is ever evolving, in both services and functionality. Given the extreme popularity of mobile devices, and the dramatic increase in use, for conducting not only business, but personal needs. It is important to be familiar with the latest trends in technology, specific to the further success of your site.

As such, the online mobile market is crucial to the successful running of your online business. So this brings us to the arena of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), one could say, this is the future of Mobile Web.

What exactly are Progressive Web Apps?

A simple definition is, Progressive web apps (PWAs) are web applications that load like regular web pages or websites but offer the user functionality such as, working offline, push notifications and device hardware access traditionally available only to native applications.

So what does that really mean? Though the name doesn’t explicitly imply this, PWAs are all about mobile web. PWAs allow you to take advantage of Google’s vast development technology, to deliver not only fast and stable mobile sites, but also interactive. In essence, it allows you to reap the benefit of a mobile app, without the headache and cost of a web app.

What are the requirements for Progressive Web Apps?

The requirements are extensive, but important. Broken down into sub-categories

Progressive Web App Checklist:

•    Site is served over HTTPS
•    Pages are responsive on tablets & mobile devices
•    All app URLs load while offline
•    Metadata provided for Add to Home screen
•    First load fast even on 3G
•    Site works cross-browser
•    Page transitions don’t feel like they block on the network
•    Each page has a URL

Exemplary Progressive Web App Checklist:
•    Site’s content is indexed by Google
• metadata is provided where appropriate
•    Social metadata is provided where appropriate
•    Canonical URLs are provided when necessary
•    Pages use the History API

User Experience
•    Content doesn’t jump  as the page loads
•    Pressing back from a detail page retains scroll position on the previous list page
•    When tapped, inputs aren’t obscured by the on screen keyboard
•    Content is easily shareable from standalone or full screen mode
•    Site is responsive across phone, tablet and desktop screen sizes
•    Any app install prompts are not used excessively
•    The Add to Home Screen prompt is intercepted

So what does all this mean to you?

PWAs, allows for content to load as the user scrolls through your site. The results allow for an extremely fast and efficient mobile site, regardless of the device being used. This in turn, allows your visitor to quickly access the services or products that you offer.

PWAs remove the need to develop expensive web apps that may or not even be installed and used on users phones. As you know there are millions of web apps, in both the apple and androids stores, and most will never be downloaded. Your ROI on a web app, is little to none at all. So why waste the time and money developing a web app, that most likely will rarely downloaded, when your site can become a mobile web app, requiring not external component, and is accessible to all your site users.

With Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), your site will rank higher on Google, in addition to loading extremely fast. This in turn will increase your overall conversions from your mobile traffic!

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