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The Benefits of Good Link Exchanges

Posted by:Avid-admin inInternet Marketing News

A link exchange is basically an alliance of websites which are inter-connected through links. This inter-connection results from the various website owners linking to different websites in the “ring”.

Link exchanges have been around for a while and it’s for good reason. First, the reader gets to gather information by simply following suggested links. This way, they not have to search for something (say meaning of a term or history surrounding a theory) every time they encounter it. The other advantage is that bloggers get to know each other and build a beneficial relationship for both of them.

If you have not yet embraced the art of link exchanges, then this post is for you. Below, you will learn four ways in which you stand to gain by incorporating link exchanges in your online marketing strategies:

1. Your Search Engine Ranking Rises
This is arguably the main reason why most website owners participate in link exchanges. Links are one of the determinants of how your website ranks on search engines. Most of the top search engines explain that it’s the relevance, quantity and quality of the links to and from your website that counts. Thus, ensuring there are as many quality and relevant links pointing to your website as possible raises your rankings on search results pages.

That said you have to approach link exchanges very cautiously because nowadays search engines like Google are out to penalize large scale link schemes.

Only exchange links with people you know; avoid buying links or getting links from the same place everyone else does.

2. You Discover More People/Bloggers in Your Industry
It’s not just the websites that interact but also the people owning those websites. Therefore, by linking to other websites, you have a chance of knowing the owners at a personal level. This is one of the ways of networking and forming communities with people in your niche.

3. You Give More Value to Your Readers
This is another reason why you should consider link exchanges for your website. You will provide more value to the reader than if you just write an article without any links. Readers will appreciate your effort more and what you gain is loyalty and trust.

4. You Gain More Credibility with Your Readers
A reader who finds value in your posts will always come back to learn more. As a result, readers admire you more, and before they know it, you are their “trusted expert”.
Final Word

Besides being a tool for improving your ranking on SERPs, link exchanges give you an opportunity to promote and get promoted by other bloggers both inside and outside your niche. This type of community is invaluable.

Moreover, you offer more value to your readers. Thus, you fulfill one of the two or three most relevant objectives of your blog/website. It also helps build credibility around your brand.
Therefore, when done right, link exchanges can be of huge benefit to you and others around you.

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