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The Importance of Having a Custom Website

Posted by:Avid-admin inInternet Trends

Is it better to hire a web designer or to choose from a variety of templates?

This is one of the dilemmas when creating a website – whether personal or for business. As much as there are several factors to consider like the price and purpose, a custom website will always come out on top.

This is because a custom website offers way more advantages than just building it off a template. For instance, a custom website belongs to one person – you. A template could be used by someone else five or a thousand miles away.

Other perks that come with a custom website are listed below:

1. First Impression Counts
Imagine a scenario where you are looking for a web designer and you have to make a choice between two designers neither of whom you have met nor worked with before. One has a website built on a template (you can see clearly it’s a template) while the other has a uniquely designed website. Is there any dilemma, really? You will obviously go for the one with a custom website. Similarly, your potential customer might at some point have to pick you or someone else. The uniqueness of the two websites will be a huge factor.

2. Your Site Gets More Visibility from Search Engines
This starts with your web designer ensuring clean code markup for easy crawling by search engines. Also, the exposure your website gets will go a long way to ensure higher ranking on search engine results pages for your target keywords which leads to growth in your website’s traffic.

3. It Offers you Total Control over Your Website
With a template, there is limited customization of the website. However, a custom web design allows you to add/remove anything. You can use whatever color mixing and contrast you want and you can have as many pages as you wish.

4. It’s Part of Branding
A custom website allows you to add all aspects that reflect your brand, for instance the logo, the colors and the patterns.

5. You Get to Plan and Discover
Since it’s not a straightforward kind of task, you will need to plan ahead to ensure you get the most out of it. This way, you have an opportunity to discover more about how to sync the business and the website for maximum result.

6. It’s Professional
This goes without saying. The first impression is determined by how professional your website looks. Chances are, your next customer has already seen several template-based websites and they can tell that from a custom website. How do you want to look in front of your potential client?

Final Word
Apart from being professional and the fact that your audience perceives you with higher authority, a custom website allows you to change the design as you see fit while maintaining the image of your brand.

Also, as you get little or no bounce rate, you get to have higher search engine rankings than someone who has a website built on a template, all other factors kept constant.
Building a custom website also gets you a clear plan and helps you discover new ways to improve it. If you don’t choose to have a custom website for any other reason, choose it for the professionalism. Every potential client wants to work with a professional.

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