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Top 7 Online Marketing Trends for 2015

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Online marketing is necessary for almost any kind of business now. The World Wide Web provides immense opportunities for businesses to reach their prospects from all over the world. It is no longer a sideshow for marketers, but the epitome of marketing in 2015.

Digital marketing changes rapidly and here are some trends that every digital marketer needs to keep abreast with in 2015:

1. Effective Content Marketing

The creation of accurate and informative targeted content for readers online is the primary online marketing tool that many marketers are now utilizing. Content marketing focuses on the needs of the customer and uses customer-oriented strategies to enhance customer experience. Current content marketing involves the use of content rich blogs, search engine optimization, videos, infographics, podcasts and social media.

2. Mobile-based Marketing

Many people today own mobile devices that can access the Internet and this automatically transforms them into candidates for online and mobile marketing. Mobile adverts are also becoming popular since marketers have realized that mobile marketing has a wider reach than PC-based online marketing. Mobile marketing reaches clients even in typical non-official hours such as during the night, early mornings or late afternoons.

3. Video Marketing

The use of video is on the rise as it has been shown to provide more in-depth content to potential customers. Current as well as potential clients prefer information rich and visually stimulating marketing collateral. Therefore, explanatory videos have grown in popularity as they offer palatable information to the target audience.

4. Personalization of Content

Personalized content has risen in importance for online marketing as it helps in targeting information according to the likes and dislikes of the clients. Companies that have actively used content personalization have recorded an increase in sales.

5. Marketing Visual Stories

It is said that pictures are worth more than mere words. Therefore, the combination of words and visual aids provide marketing with visual stories that attract large audiences and captivate their attention. Visual storytelling is very effective in brand enhancement by triggering the audiences’ emotions and imagination.

6. Online Ads Intensity

Online advertisements sponsored via Google or social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn reach a wide variety of people. With the large number of people using the Internet daily and the ability of the marketer to target ads to a specific group of people makes them a formidable marketing strategy.

7. Micro-Targeting and Hyper-Segmentation

Marketers are now data mining from social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter where companies leave large amounts of data. Followers of such companies write many comments that form valuable marketing information. It allows for more personalized marketing and niche market targeting.

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