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Web Design in the New Age

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HTML5 and CSS3 are the new gold standards in web design. These are the languages that will make up every website in the world soon. They’re the offspring of HTML and CSS, which have reigned supreme for many years. To put it simply, they bring a number of new features and enable more control over your website.

Videos and Images
In order to view videos and images, websites have traditionally needed to install third-party plugins. HTML5 and CSS3 come with audio and video tags. Now all you need to do is add these tags and your website will be capable of producing videos and audio streams without the need to install anything else.

Semantically Accurate
It’s impossible to gain a good rank if your code isn’t semantically accurate. HTML5 and CSS3 address this long held problem. Now it’s easier than ever before to create a semantically accurate website, since this is what these codes are designed to do.

Creating Box Shadows
Box shadows are commonly used on websites to add more of a ‘wow’ factor. Previously, this required multiple images coming together. CSS3 can do this with a simple command.
Elements like these are important not because of the need for box shadowing, but because the principle extends to a variety of other effects. It makes web design simpler than ever before. Its one command equals one effect. Forget having to go through multiple steps to make an effect ever again.

Browser Compatibility
In the future, we can expect the latest versions of browsers to only be compatible with HTML5 and CSS3. It’s inevitable as these languages become more prominent. Websites still using HTML and CSS will find it difficult to compete because they simply won’t show up on the most popular browsers, including:

•    Google Chrome
•    Mozilla Firefox
•    Internet Explorer

HTML5 and CSS3 will automatically come back with compatibility. Not only will your website work with current browsers, but it will also work with older versions of browsers.

The Future of Web Design
There’s no denying that this is the future of web design. If you want your website to rank high and you want to avoid receiving Google penalties, you have no choice but to update your site with these languages.

Rather than putting it off, call in a web designer today and address the problem. It will give you a cutting edge over your competitors who haven’t made the switch yet.

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