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Your customer experience is the holistic experience that your customers perceive as they interact with every facet of your product or service that you offer. Individual customer experiences add up to form a concept, which becomes your product’s “brand.” If a user experiences poor technical support, or a sales person was rude, the user is likely to develop a negative perception of your product’s brand. In turn, the customer will likely tell his or her friends and family the experience to discourage them from purchasing your products or services and having a similar negative experience. The same chain reaction happens with positive customer experiences. People love to share positive experiences with brands to convince friends and family to try a new product or service.

At Avid Web Designs, we design all of our websites to be user-centric. A User-Centered Design improves the customer experience associated with your website or application. An understanding of your users’ needs and preferences with respect to a task, goals, or features of your product or service, becomes the set of user experience requirements. These requirements will be implemented throughout your entire customer experience – every “touchpoint” that the customer has with your company.

Usability ROI (Return On Investment)

The returns generated from investments in website and software development are measured in both quantitative and qualitative of ways. Investments in usability can be put to the same tests. While usability improvements have often focused on qualitative metrics, they can be measured in quantitative terms as well. Improving the usability of a website can increase sales, reduce customer service calls, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. For internally used software and websites, like intranets and timesheets systems, improving usability can increase productivity by reducing the time to complete a task, reducing the error rate, and increasing satisfaction. Most of these improvements can be quantified by measuring saved time, gained revenues, and increased productivity.

When usability is included in development and production processes, even greater returns are possible. It is always better to design something right in the beginning rather than fixing it later. Building usability into your processes can reduce development costs, reduce development time, and ultimately improve the end product. Keeping end-users in mind during every step of development and production processes, from requirements analysis, conceptual design, prototyping, to production, ensures that products will not just be used once but again and again. Contact Avid Web Designs today, concerning all your web usability design needs.

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